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Monday, May 22, 2006

Camera + GPS + Google Maps = Kick Ass

This guy took exif data (data about pictures) from a GPS enabled camera, parsed it and sent that data to Google Maps. The examples of Washington D.C. are great. I cannot wait to do this with my camera. This is a must see!

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Sex offender killer used sex offender registry and GPS to hunt victims

A Cape Breton man who killed two sex offenders in Maine visited the homes of another four sex offenders but no one answered the door.\r\n\r\nMaine state police say Stephen Marshall had a global satellite positioning program on his laptop computer, which allowed investigators to trace his movements.

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Tracking a Guy in Google Earth/Maps in Real-time

Where\'s Tim? This guy carries a GPS-enabled phone and shows you his position, and tracks, on Google Maps or Google Earth. Looks like Tim\'s at work right now.

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Top Ten GPS Gadgets

Some of these are pretty cool.. I hadn\'t even heard of the ACR TerraFix before.

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