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Saturday, November 19, 2005

This a very interesting developement in GPS. In buildings and in some city areas it is often hard to get a reliable GPS signal. This technolgy hopes to eliminate problems with coverage.

Location, location, television, location

Matthew Rabinowitz's Rosum Corp. uses TV signals to go where no GPS system has ever gone before. Finding the idea that launched his latest company took Matthew Rabinowitz about as long as it takes his technology to locate where he is at any given moment -- a nanosecond.
Nearly five years ago, Mr. Rabinowitz was contemplating an assortment of Global Positioning System gadgetry cluttering his Palo Alto home when he found his inspiration: why not use TV signals for GPS tracking?

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1 comment:

Sugarsharrk said...

That's creepy yet cool. Can they still find me if I am wearing a foil cap?